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Workshops and Speaking Arrangments

Drew Harms has presented workshops and conferences across the country for early childhood educators and parents. Drew has worked in a variety of settings in the early years field as an early childhood educator, supported child development consultant and infant development consultant. She can present on a variety of topics such as 

- Mental Health for Early Childhood Educators

- What is Typical Development for Infants and Toddlers 

- Managing Challenging Behaviours 

- What are Boundaries in Early Childhood Settings 

Contact for further information and pricing 

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Feedback From Previous Workshops 

"Very useful and relevant, I implemented many suggestions today!"
"Great workshop!! Would recommend to all my staff"
"Amazing!!!!! Best workshop all year...actually in a few years!"
"I think she connected with us, was experienced and the presentation was clear and concise"
"She was awesome! Very knowledgeable"
"Very clear in her presentation and not rushing. Actually I didn't feel the time at all"
"I think Drew did a wonderful job. "
"Drew was a very seasoned educator. I enjoyed her session."

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